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This laboratory is a grade 4 physics laboratory for students of the physics faculty and is implemented to complete the grade 4 physics course at the same time or after passing it.

This laboratory is held in the Faculty of Physics, Karaj Campus, located on the ground floor.

4th grade physics lab
In the 4th grade physics laboratory, students experience the following experiments:
1. Experiment to determine the ratio of charge to mass of electron (electron)
2. Experiment to determine h (with photoelectric phenomenon)
3. Millikan's oil drop test (with fixed and proportional fields)
4. Experiment to determine the Rydberg constant and measure the wavelengths of the visible region for dilute gases (hydrogen)
5. Franck-Hertz experiment (with mercury atom)
6. Electron diffraction test and Bragg plate distance measurement (graphite blader)
7. Michelson-Morley test and laser wavelength measurement (with variable wavelength)
8. Compton scattering test
9. Frank-Hertz test (with argon)
10. Black body radiation test
The facilities and equipment of the new physics laboratory are sufficient to carry out the above tests.

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