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The visit of the faculty members of the Faculty of Physics to the National Observatory of Iran

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In line with the support of the esteemed research vice-chancellor of the university for scientific visits by university faculty members to major national projects being implemented in the country, a group of faculty members from the Faculty of Physics of Kharazmi University, on the occasion of the National Day of Astronomy, attended the National Observatory of Iran located near Kashan.

This visit was held with the aim of making the university faculty members more familiar with this national plan, which is one of the priorities of the country's science and technology projects, and in order to examine the fields of joint cooperation between the National Observatory of Iran and Kharazmi University. In this visit, which was conducted by the Faculty of Physics and with the support of the Research and Technology Vice-Chancellor of the University, on Monday 27th of Shahrivar 1402, the visitors were accompanied and explained by Mr. Engineer Mohammad Mohajer, an observatory expert, andl earned about the construction process of this observatory, which was the first national macro plan in the field of basic sciences until now. Further, the members of the academic staff, while expressing their views, hoped that with the increase of interactions between the National Observatory of Iran and the university, scientific cooperation in the field of astronomy and cosmology would be formed, and the possibility of defining joint scientific projects with the participation of the National Observatory of Iran would be established in the near future. . During this visit, the participants also visited different parts of the observatory and the mechanical and control equipment of the telescope.

The national project of building the national observatory of Iran, which was proposed in the National Research Council of the country in 1378, is considered an important achievement in the development of astronomy and cosmology and the creation of related technologies in the field of optics, mechanics and control. This complex, which is located 33 kilometers southwest of Kashan on the 3600-meter peak of Gargesh, after several decades of effort and investment, is going through the final stages of its installation and commissioning, and the development program of telescope observation tools for the purpose of installing and commissioning imagers and spectra Astronomical gauges on the telescope have been switched on this year. The term national telescope is given to the 3.4-meter telescope of the National Observatory of Iran. This 3.4-meter telescope and other related structures such as the telescope housing and layering equipment are designed and built by Iranian engineers and astronomers. The enclosure of the National Observatory of Iran is designed to protect the personnel, telescope and related equipment and enables the observation process in a way that increases the quality and accuracy as much as possible. The building consists of two main parts: a fixed building and a rotating dome that work together to meet the requirements and provide an optimal working and operational environment. This telescope is a unique tool for research in various fields of astronomy and cosmology by using active optics technology as well as benefiting from a suitable observation site with good astronomical visibility and suitable geographical location.

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