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BioPhotonic Lab

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The biophotonics laboratory of the Faculty of Physics of Kharazmi University was opened in 2018 with the presence of the university president. This research laboratory operates under the management of Dr. Salman Mohajer, a faculty member.

This laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Physics Faculty of Karaj Campus and hosts graduate students. The main topic of research in this laboratory is the scientific investigation of the interaction of light and biological materials.

This laboratory is held in the Faculty of Physics, Karaj Campus, located on the ground floor.

Salman Mohajer
 Academic staff
PhD in physics
Assistant Professor
Room Number:110

  • The interaction of light and texture
  • Optical diagnosis of eczema and psoriasis
  • Optical diagnosis of scleroderma
  • Optical detection of amyloid beta protein in the brain
  • Detection of bacteria by surface plasmon enhancement using gold-graphene nanostructures

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