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This laboratory is a grade 3 physics laboratory for students of the Faculty of Physics and is implemented to complete the grade 3 physics course at the same time or after passing it.

This laboratory is held in the Faculty of Physics, Karaj Campus, located on the ground floor.

List of basic physics experiments 3
1. Thrust force - Archimedes force - liquid density measurement
2. Measuring the coefficient of longitudinal expansion of solids
3. Measuring the volumetric expansion coefficient of liquids
4. Calorimetry and determination of specific heat of solids
5. Determination of Joule number
6. Investigation of Newton's law of cooling and specific heat of solids
7. Determination of boiling point in the laboratory
8. Determination of atomicity coefficient in gases
9. Surface tension
10. Investigating changes in saturated vapor pressure with temperature and determining the latent heat of vaporization
11. Investigating the laws of gases
12. Terahi Marteash
13. Sound pipes

Farzaneh Tafreshi
 Academic staff
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