Report of the scientific-specialist visit of physics faculty students to the applied nanotechnology industrialization center (ICAN)

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Report of the scientific-specialist visit of physics faculty students to the applied nanotechnology industrialization center (ICAN):

On September 04, 2023, coinciding with Basic Science Day, a number of talented students of the Faculty of Physics visited the Applied Nanotechnology Industrialization Center (ICAN) for a half-day and got to know the facilities and achievements of this center.
This program, which was carried out by the Faculty of Physics in cooperation with the Iran's National Elites Foundation of Alborz Province, is in line with the Pathways to Progress program and were held with the aim of introducing talented students to research and industrial centers, building self-confidence and introducing students to researchers and experts in the fields of Optics and laser physics, solid state, nanophysics and plasma physics.

A number of 15 talented and interested physics students in different stages who had registered in the call for this visit, accompanied by Dr. Haji Sharifi, Research assistant of Faculty, Dr. Heydari, a member of the academic staff, and Dr. Madani, an expert in the Faculty of Physics, form the team of this visit. 
At the beginning of the visit of a number of experts of the center, while stating that at the beginning of September 2016, in accordance with its second ten-year plan (Vision 1404) and with the aim of developing the economy based on nanotechnology, it sought to establish an "Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology" Center for Applied Nanotechnology) or ICAN for short, with the presence of semi-industrial equipment and machinery from selected platforms in the field of nanotechnology, gave explanations about the goals of this center, which include providing a network of equipment, industrial and specialized infrastructure, guidance and companionship with idea owners in the process of turning ideas into product, financial support for projects and ideas capable of creating a technological product, identifying industrial problems and creating a suitable environment to solve them through technological cooperation between the industry and technology owners, the possibility of communication and networking between investors and experts and creating a platform for implementation of open innovation by eliminating the gap between industry owners and ideas pointed out.
In the following, visitors from different platforms of this center, including basic infrastructure laboratory, plasma wastewater treatment device, plasma printing device, devices related to the use of plasma jet in the discussion of fibers, plasma pleating, the progress process of nanofiber devices used in filtration industries, grinding workshops and high energy and super high energy mills, spark plasma sintering device (SPS), electrospinning machines with one pump, two pumps and laboratory immersion, chemical vapor deposition devices (CVD), sputtering They visited magnetization with RF and DC sources, thermal evaporation layer by DC and e-beam method and got acquainted with the facilities and latest achievements of this center.
In a part of the visit, the interested parties visited Iran's battery network and explanations about lithium-ion battery separators and the problems and obstacles in its path were presented by the relevant expert.
At the end of the visit and after having lunch, discussions were held about how to exchange facilities and knowledge and create synergy and transfer experiences between the Faculty of Physics of Kharazmi University and the ICAN Accelerator Complex. One of the highlights of this section is the announcement of the group's readiness to support 200 million tomans for the development of products and ideas based on nanomaterials, nanofibers, nanocoating, ultrasonic and nanocavitation, cold plasma and 3D printing


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