Optics Lab

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This laboratory is a special optics laboratory for physics students and is implemented to complete the relevant course at the same time or after passing it.

This laboratory is held in the Faculty of Physics, Karaj Campus, located on the ground floor.

The list of names of experiments that are performed in the optics laboratory:
Measuring the refractive index of a transparent object (solid or liquid using the subject of apparent depth by microscope)
Measuring the refractive index of the volume using a spectrometer and drawing the depression curve
Spherical diopter and the combination of diopters, lenses and the examination of thin and thick lenses and the disadvantages of lenses
Experiment of two Young's slits- two Fresnel emission- two Fresnel mirrors-Lloyd's mirror and measuring the wavelength of light
Prism spectrometer and lattice spectrometer and measurement of unknown wavelengths - observation of absorption detectors, study of hydrogen atom detector
Knots-Newton's ring device-Measuring the radius of curvature of the curved side of Newton's ring device using a microscope
Diffraction and laws of diffraction and measurement of diameter and very small weights through diffraction
Grids - measuring the number of grids - measuring wavelengths using grids
Millenium interferometer and Fabry Pro interferometer and laser light wavelength measurement using Fabry Pro interferometer
Working with a laser in measuring the refractive index of a transparent medium - experiments on holograms
Polarization and methods of creating polarized light of nickel prism

Somayeh Salmani shik
 Director of Atomic and Molecular Department
PhD in physics
Assistant Professor
Room Number:

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